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The self judgement quandary.

There is an inner fear that has been learned as we get older and experience life and the mental and physical influences we adopt as business as usual practices and thoughts .

The practice of self judgement that the person experiences is usually based around a negative thought process and measured against an amalgamation of different thoughts that cause a chaotic view we that we try and measure ourselves to ,,this process causes anxiety ,confusion ,fatigue and in general unhappiness due to the negative emotions we feel.

This also goes for judging others to try and offset our negatives against others and calm the chaos .However this thought process and feeling is very short lived and stemmed from our own personal fears of failure and personal low self esteem .

Using mindfulness techniques we can change this fear into a controlled and logical process.

We need to follow 3 core processes.

1. Awareness

2. Non Judgemental

3. Living for now

Awareness the to observe in a detached focus not allowing the confusion from the EGO(chatter)and Chaos as I call it.

Non-Judgemental the practice of not using the negative thinking to influence your personal views of yourself and others “Mother Teresa quote”IF YOU JUDGE PEOPLE YOU HAVE NO TIME TO LOVE THEM”.Or in the first person YOURSELF.

Living in the moment-the practice of knowing your environment in the present and focusing on the FEELING not the mental negative thoughts ..focus on the physical feeling not the thinking that may influence the moment.

We will cover more in depth next week on actual core practice to get a mindfulness structure imbedded to set yourself up for a more resilient approach to other issues that may influence yourself ,this is where we start to look at CBT intervention .


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