• steve coyle

Watch out for mind and body warnings

Your body and mind has a great way of warning you of relapse into a negative episode ,unfortunately most of us ignore these signs and you end up in a dark place ,ie the black dog of depression catches you ,this feels like it has happened very fast ,however if you act upon the mind and physical signs you have a chance of heading this negative emotional event away.Take a view of your environment has it changed?have you become so busy you have stopped focusing on yourself and mind health,,are you feeling more tired? Has the way you interact changed for example temper,introvert habits ,hows your motivation? Are you experiencing stomach aches,sore joints headaches? And have you stopped journaling your thoughts,behaviours,feelings this in my view is a big area that if you do maintain this you can informally monitor yourself and catch your emotional decline ...thanks for reading hope you find this useful.

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