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Working from Home pressure the hidden pressure ……….

Well, we have now reached the lead up to Christmas ,The working from home environment has been going on for a good nine months for a lot of people and they have undergone a certain amount of social distancing with there work colleagues and have venture and embraced the virtual office environment with a limited interaction and the personal stress that comes with it .

Social Isolation

Those who work at home may find that the solitude can be a double-edged sword. It is, of course, easier to focus when you're in your own home with no co-workers coming by your desk to chat at random times. But while this solitude can feel blissful at times, when we have no mandate for social interaction during the workday—when we don't automatically run across people outside of those we live with—we can become lonely before we realize it.

Social media can feel like a lifeline to others, but this type of interaction can sometimes feel isolating as well, as these interactions can feel less personal than face-to-face encounters and conversations. While we may not need to resort to painting a face on a volleyball and talking to it, the feelings of isolation can sneak up and we can feel more alone than we expect.

Too Many Distractions

As mentioned, many people forget that those who work at home still need to work—including, sometimes, those who are actually supposed to be doing the working! This means that people can call at all hours of the day and may not understand that, "I'm sorry, I need to work right now," is as valid as, "Sorry, I'll call you when I'm off work," when they know that you set your own hours.

The problem is that there can be interruptions all day, and work hours need to be hours and not a succession of interrupted clusters of a few minutes at a time as few of us work as efficiently this way.

Difficulty Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries--creating a structure in your relationship and schedule and ensuring that you don't blur the lines between productivity and leisure time, between socializing time and working time--becomes vital when you work from home. This, however, can be more challenging than many people expect.

The above subjects are some key factors we need to control in the home work environment ,

Looking into the next Blog we will add some coping strategies that will help in having and efficient and balanced happy life in this new social/virtual environment .

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