• steve coyle

Wow what a year ! or "F*&K me I’ve had more fun"…..

Well yes i'm a therapist but what a personal challenge it has been to stay on the upward side of the line ….I also am a senior project manager for my sins! and the pressures to still deliver a business profile and motivate staff through this year has been as per the title

I set this web site up to try and help people who feel the insurmountable weight of daily and nightly pressures ,whether these be normal negative cognitive responses or a completely new environment they are experiencing due to a change of life responsibility ,solitude from home working ,or what ever there “F*&k me I have had more fun moment”.is.

All I want to say really is that we do adapt quite well to our environments ,but forget to benchmark where we were,

so we can actually see the positive changes we have made as people, families, individuals…

If you take time out and see how you have adapted you will realise how awesome you really are ,and how awesome the people you encounter virtually or at distance are ...

congratulate yourself ,,,you are great,,and part of a group of mammals who make a difference every second/minute/hour/day….I applause you …Steve…..

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